The Watering Hole, Tuesday January 26, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

Pop Quiz: How many trees are there in the world?

A)  1 billion

B) 500 million

C) 500 billion

D) 3 trillion

E) 50 billion




23 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday January 26, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

  1. Hey! I got it right, 3 trillionionish…
    Unless, of course, we somehow elect a bozoid repuglycan president this year, and then that number will quickly be reduced, in the name of progress and profit.

    • I was surprised the number was so small — figured there must be a trillion in Colorado alone! Actually, 3 trillion really is smaller than I would have guessed, given how widespread across the globe are forests in one form or another.

    • Trillion is pretty damned big, actually. A simple example I’ve always appreciated:

      One million seconds is a little over 11 1/5 days.

      One billion seconds is 31 years, and well into August.

      A TRILLION seconds is a thousand times that, which puts you painting animals in the caves at Lescaux.

  2. Good grief. Where does it end, the scourge of official religious advocacy? What’s the word for Christer Jihad?

    Judge Orders State To Give Millions In Subsidies To Creationist Amusement Park

    The state of Kentucky must give millions of dollars in tax subsidies to a Noah’s Ark theme park owned by a creationist ministry, even though that ministry refuses to comply with the state’s request not to engage in hiring discrimination, according to an opinion by a George W. Bush appointee to the federal bench. Under Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove’s opinion, the creationist group Answers in Genesis (AiG) stands to gain up to $18 million.

    • It seems to me that poor decision can and should be appealed. If giving them $18 million in taxpayer money doesn’t violate the First Amendment, then it has no meaning at all.

      • Exactly. And that’s precisely what the Christers want — a dead first amendment. This here’s a Christian country, after. It says so in the Constitution! I forget where.

      • I’m still trying, in vain, to figure out why churches aren’t subject to taxation. If we started taxing churches? Virtually all of them would just go away to look for a more profitable scam.

  3. What’s the word for Christer Jihad?

    I think that “Crusade” is the favorite handle though “inquisition” might be more accurate.

      • That could work but much of our target, right-wing, audience wouldn’t realize the significance of “deSade”. How about “Nazi”? Everyone has heard the term and even those who act and talk like Nazis realize that it’s a bad thing; though they don’t recognize it in themselves.

            • I still remember the pic of the wingnut and his poster that said Obama was a “Marksist-Facist.” Perfect ‘summary’ of the right wing’s knowledge and mental prowess.

  4. Gosh, now Abe Vigoda has left us. To be honest though, I did not know he was still around – and yes, I new of the false reports years ago.

    • “…Cliven Bundy, who instigated a standoff against federal officials in 2014, described Finnicum as a martyr after being informed of his death….

      Ok someone got themselves shot….. and just like a Jihadi, this Yeehawdi is a ‘martyr’ – religious fanatics….

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