The Watering Hole, Tuesday June 28, 2016

Gone Fishin’


Small streams, back country. East side of the Cascades.

Crescent Creek, first…

Crescent Creek

Then Fall River.

Fall River, Deschutes County, OR.jpg


Carry on…





15 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday June 28, 2016

  1. Threats from Trump’s neo-Nazi fans force Jewish conservative writer Bethany Mandel to buy a gun for protection

    Trump fans have told Mandel that she “belongs in an oven” and have Photoshopped photos of her face onto photos of Holocaust victims. . . .

    “It feels like this is Germany in the 30s,” Mandel tells WNYC. “Like we’re watching the rise of someone really, really dangerous. And this is how you elect a fascist who could potentially — God knows what he would do.”

    All who are surprised raise your hand.

    • I’m not surprised in the least. And if you try to point out the similarities to Hitler’s rise to power and trump’s campaign messages, Conservatives react in much the same way Jan Brewer did when it was factually pointed out to her that trump’s message is very racist. The truth hurts, I guess.

      • I’m never sure, can’t offer salient explanation as to why, but nevertheless a fundamental fact remains invariably visible — the further the progression toward the political right a society leans, the greater the danger to everyone else, targeted minorities in particular. I obviously was not around in the thirties to watch the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, but my fascination with ‘why’ and ‘how’ caused me to accumulate a sizable library 30-40 years later. And what I learned from history is so incredibly similar to what I’m seeing out there today that I have to admit to more than a little nervousness. There are disparities twixt Adolf and Donald, of course (Trump never fought in a war, and Hitler was not born into wealth). No worries there. It’s the similarities that are worrisome; I suspect most who have a functioning mind and are not Right Wing zombies can see it/them.

        Bottom line: if Trump becomes POTUS, I’m not going to watch from here. I’ll watch from ‘over there’ instead, and my last words will be, “see, I told you!”

    • Natalie McGarry wrote one of the politest “fuck of and die” letters I have read in a long time.

      • It’s a masterpiece. I hope it goes viral. Heck! I would love to see someone use a dramatic reading as a campaign commercial.

        • I wonder if John Cleese would do it. He could also include his own thoughts and, perhaps, some of the other responses.

  2. In case you missed it elsewhere, the Scottish MP’s brilliant response to Donald Trump, Jr.’s, illegal request for a campaign donation.

    I hope he ends up in jail for this. His father, too, since this was a follow-up to Trump, Sr.’s, previous request for funds.

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