Open Thread: Merry Christmas, all y’all!

I think you guys have figured out by now that this is my favorite holiday video, so you won’t be surprised that I’m forcing it down your gullet again this year.  🙂

I hope all of the Critters and Zoosters are doing well, or at least hanging in there as well as you can.  I know I’m suffering from a severe case of OrangeFuckwititis, and am hopeful it will be resolved in 2019.

Frankly, 2018 can join 2017, and the pair of them can fuck right off.  Who’s with me? 😉

Stop by and say “HI”; I’ll be checking in several times on Christmas, so I’ll say “HI” backatcha.  Or feel free to post music, tell jokes, rant, or whatever.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

16 thoughts on “Open Thread: Merry Christmas, all y’all!

  1. Holiday greetings, Butterfly. I’m looking forward to January’s actions in the House of Representatives and the hearings to take place in many committees.

    Sometimes I think The Zoo is dying. I suggest a daily new page, even if there’s nothing more that a “Hello, have at it,” open page. I like to let whoever comes here know I’m alive by liking the page and leaving my avatar. I hope there will be sufficient “good” news in the coming year to reinvigorate our progressive chatter and other discussions.

    Beat wishes for good health and happiness to all.

    • Merry Christmas, Pachy!

      Yep, this place is getting pretty quiet, and I take responsibility for that — especially given the political climate! We should be going gangbusters!

  2. Well, there is one way in which 2019 can be much improved for me over the past few years, and hopefully I’ll get some word on that soon (and since the Social Security Admin is nominally one of the agencies that is NOT shut down by the dipshit’s tantrum, it is possible I’ll hear something soon.)

        • I can “see” it, I just can’t make it play. Regardless, I was able to pull it up directly from YouTube. (And it could very well be the settings on my system — I’ve tweaked the privacy settings up pretty high & I’m running behind a VPN.

  3. Here’s a game everyone can play.

    Describe the Trump presidency in three words or a short sentence.
    I’ll go first:

    Raging dumpster fire!

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