The Watering Hole: December 2, 2011 — The religious right vs every woman on earth

This video is pretty long, but I think it’s worth listening to.  Humor and common sense go well together.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — it’s Friday!!!

72 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 2, 2011 — The religious right vs every woman on earth

  1. Will have to watch that tonight…. still fishing my way through some of the early Christian histories that Muse suggested. Turns out Paul,wasn’t such a mysogynist after all – the passages about ‘barefoot and pregnant’ were probably not written by him but some early proto-Bill OReilly using Paul’s name steal authority.

    • There is at least one book dedicated entirely to this proposition, but I can’t remember the name. According to that author there are clear distinctions between different sections of Paul’s books that couldn’t possibly have been written by the same person (short of a split personality).

      • Not one of the Gospels or Epistles were written at the time of the alleged life of Jesus Christ. Not one mention of Jesus Christ can be found from any historian or philosopher that lived during his alleged life.

        The old testament has also been found to have been written by more than a few authors.

        It’s all a myth brought on by the lack of people capable of writing/reading and the general smallness of the world in terms of spread of information until after the middle ages.

  2. Awesome video, well worth the forty minutes spent watching (while everyone at work thinks I’m listening to some boring training tape!!)

    • Saddest part of all is her comments to the effect that since she considers herself ‘damaged goods’, no one else would marry her…
      I reiterate my wish from yesterday that any Afghan women who would like to, be able to relocate in the country of their choice. And the men could be happy with their sheep, goats and each other.

      • I’m going to second that wish. Jeeze what a country.

        But you know, it wasn’t all that long ago in this country where a husband could legally rape his wife.

        And the religious right wants to return American women back to this type of society. No thank you.

  3. Who said this on the conservative The Weekly Standard back in 1995 about Newt:

    “Gingrich may be a lightning rod, but he also embodies the revolution like no one else. He is its most articulate, self-confident, and unapologetic voice, and he burns with conviction that America can and will be a better place because of it. And if he’s sufficiently freed up from the punishing legislative schedule of the last few months, he can rediscover the youthful realization that drove him to dedicate his life to politics in the first place: that at certain critical moments in history, effective leadership is all that stands between a civilization and its collapse.”

    Ugh….Arianna Huffington.

      • I remember that as well. She used to appear on Bill Maher. Couldn’t stand what she said then and I don’t trust her now, no matter what she has done.

        • Ariana figured out which way the wind was blowing and how she could get the most money by setting her sails the right way. I wouldn’t trust her to give my hand back if I shook hers.

          • Ariana is the most ruthless person in Journalism. I think it was the recently retired campaign advisor for Bachmann who said that. I do not go to huffpo if I can help it. I certainly avoid linking there because i loathe arianna.

  4. And the winner in the ‘Don’t I freakin Wish’ contest for today….the envelope, please…(paper tearing sound…)
    Amnesty International is calling for the arrest of former President George W. Bush, 65, as he travels in Africa for “committing crimes under international law.” The group is critical of Bush’s “alleged…involvement in torture.”

    The only part they missed here was the qualifier ‘alleged’ should be changed to ‘admitted’…

    • Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, also took Amnesty to task for its latest statement. “If Amnesty International had any intellectual honesty, it would give President Bush a medal to honor him for liberating so many oppressed Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan and for assisting millions of AIDS victims in Africa,” King said in a statement.

  5. Yet another idjit who doesn’t know how history or government works.

    Congress is supposed to make the money/budget stuff happen, not the President.

    And if he had any clue as to what Pilate was about back then he would know it was the Pharisees trying to force him to get rid of the rabble rouser so they could stay rich and powerful. They wanted Pilate to do their dirty work and take the blame so in a way, he was almost right.

    • Note to dumbass Republican legislator:
      It was the unanimous vote of the committee to ask the President to distance himself from their discussion and decision making process.

      Nucking Fumbskull.

  6. Quotes of the Day:

    HANNITY: “Herman, isn’t this something, though, that would be easily confirmed? She is saying that you flew her around the country. She’s saying that you were meeting in hotels. Can’t we get plane tickets, confirmations? Can’t we get hotels? Don’t a lot of these hotels have videotapes that they — some of them, I would assume, hang on to those tapes forever. And –”

    CAIN: “Sean, do me a favor. Let’s not play detective. Here’s the deal. I am going to prove that — I am going to re-establish my character. OK? We’re working on that. My attorney is working on that. We’re going to work on that. But I don’t want to play detective right now, with all due respect. OK?”

    “Let’s not play detective.” He’s done.

    • Don’ need no Dick Damn Tracy to know you’re toast,

      After your ‘talk’ with your wife, you can gracefully step aside and continue hitting on women as you please.

    • Cain rushes off the set to call his fixer. “Damn it, you didn’t say anything about video tapes!”

      And, Sean, you moron. Why would a hotel keep surveillance tapes “forever”? You think Hyatt is accumulating blackmail materials?

  7. The Reichwhiners are soooooo predictable. The trolls, all six of them, are all over the local paper’s story about the drop in the unemployment rate and FAUX”News” is simply lying about it.

  8. The latest job rejection letter: Not only will you not get an interview, but the job has been eliminated.

    I feel sorry for the poor sap who’s doing double duty now…

  9. Jon Huntsman campaign spokesman Tim Miller had a rather frank response ready when Business Insider asked if his candidate would participate in the Dec. 27th Newsmax debate moderated by Donald Trump.

    “Lol. We look forward to watching Mitt and Newt suck-up to The Donald with a big bowl of popcorn,” Miller wrote in an email.

    • Co- moderators will be Trump’s son, Don Jr., and daughter, Ivanka. And the Candidates will have to demonstrate their fundraising ability on the streets of New York. They’ll hold the debate in Atlantic City at Trump’s casino. The one who raises the least amount of money will be fired. Except if it’s Herman Cain. He’ll just have to make a pizza for everyone else.

      Good God, this isn’t a political primary race, it’s the Gong Show.

    • [Generally the ex’s are named]

      No disrespect to Mr. McKinney – this made me take notice and chuckle a bit:

      He is survived by son Clinton, along with several ex-wives.

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