Watering Hole: November 6, 2012 – Vote

Vote, like your life depends upon it because it does.  My recommendation is to vote straight Democratic.  We need to keep moving “Forward” and not move backwards.

This is our Open Thread.  Speak Up here and more importantly,  at the voting booth.

733 thoughts on “Watering Hole: November 6, 2012 – Vote

  1. Spending election day in the New Mexico small town where I spent the last 7 years. A lot of cowboy rwnj rancher types. Tacky anti- Obama signs. Big pro Libertarian displays too. They’ve got little of nothing but sure don’t want it taken away. It’s interesting to observe, not being a resident any more. Fun day, wandering through town having a give away out of the back of the rental truck. Too much weight, rocks and wood…

    • The ranchers would not have water if it wasn’t for “big government” and they would not have cheap grazing on public lands if it wasn’t for “big government” yet they hate “big government”.

    • WOW! sounds like my New Mexico town…..we moved here in 2004 and it’s been like stepping back into the glory days of the 70’s and Richard Nixon.

      Raven, do you ever see people with guns strapped on their belts? makes my brain shut down…

  2. Fun little app to help people figure out who you should vote for. Not surprising it suggested I vote for Jill Stein. I won’t be doing that however. I will be voting for Obama (who came in a close 2nd). As Rude Pundit suggested yesterday (HT: Terry for posting that link), I want to send a massive Fuck You to Mitt Romney. He needs to know that he’s not liked, so I don’t want to risk going Green this time.


    Anyway, my results:

    Jill Stein 95%
    Obama 92%
    Rocky Anderson 80%
    Gary Johnson 76%
    Mitt Romney 17% (I’m surprised it’s so high)

    Minnesota Voters 61%
    American Voters 62%

    Democrats 97%
    Green 97%
    Libertarian 60%
    Republican 13%

    • Interesting quiz. I like that there were other options. My votes: Jill Stein 95% and Barack Obama 93%. Mitt Romney and Republicans only scored 5%. I was 53% with PA voters and 58% with American Voters.

    • Jill S. 95
      Barack O 77
      Mittsky 1

      (forget the others but Rocky looked to be 3rd – honestly never heard of him)

      Will not be voting for anybody except Democratic presidential candidates for the near future, nor should you. The next 5 presidential election cycles are all about Supreme Court appointments. We are in the predicament we are in now ($=political power) because of the current court’s rulings. These must be overturned if you want to save our democracy.

  3. Whenever the Democratic nominee is also the candidate on another party line (like Working Families Party, Green Party, or Liberal party), I like to cast my vote for that candidate on that alternate line. I don’t want the Democrats thinking they’re the only choice in town for Lefties. If the only other line(s) that candidate can be found on are conservative ones, then I just don’t cast a vote for that candidate at all.

  4. Jill Stein 89%
    Rocky Anderson (huh?) 75%
    Gary Johnson 70% (only when it comes to “pot” srsly)
    Barack Obama 66%
    Mitt Romney … guess … 2%

    American Voters 53%

    95% Green
    84% Democratic
    33% Libertarian (I guess that’s the “pot” thing again)
    4% Republican
    Now I have to look up who Rocky Anderson is (does that make me a bad person or what?) and why Vermin Supreme didn’t show up for me.

    • Rocky Anderson was, I believe, the Mayor of Salt Lake City or someplace in Utah. He’s only known because of something about not letting Dick Cheney appear somewhere there, sorry to be so vague, but that’s all I remember.

      Back to work for me!

  5. Vote Against Gooper Idiots Now And

    Good slogan, nice acronym. 😉

    I am SO GLAD this BS is about to come to an END! Bye, Mitt. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    Time for a nice long walk ‘out there’ amongst cougar tracks, where the deer watch you.

  6. Finally, after 700 odd days of leading up to it, it’s THE day.

    I’m sending my thoughts to my neighbours so that reality can triumph over alternate realities, logic can triumph over mythology.

    Now sit back and see what dirty tricks are left.

  7. Nate Silver’s projection has become more favorable for Obama, 92% to 8%:

    “If the national popular vote winds up roughly tied, instead of favoring Mr. Obama by two points or so, then Mr. Romney could claw back to win Florida, Colorado and Virginia, and perhaps Iowa and New Hampshire. But Mr. Obama’s lead in Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania is clear enough to withstand some underperformance in the polls, and his margins in the polling averages there have converted into a victory on election night a very high percentage of the time historically.

    In order for Mr. Romney to win the Electoral College, a large number of polls, across these states and others, would have to be in error, perhaps because they overestimated Democratic turnout. It’s this possibility, more than the chance of a successful hail-mary in a state like Pennsylvania, that accounts for most of Mr. Romney’s remaining chances of winning the Electoral College.”

  8. Well, I have to still admit to being filled with trepidation that all the voter suppression, the blitz of lies from Karl Rove’s fascist backers and the stream of lies still emanating from MItt Romney’s gob …. will overcome the Nate Silver factor.

    I have one shining light of pride and hope that I thought was there and indeed turned out to be there – SammytheTurtle (13 1/2) helped with the mail-in ballot yesterday and *insisted* that the vote on WA’s gay marriage law be in favour …..

    • And there are still those election machines in Ohio ….. owned by a company that’s owned by a company that’s owned by Tagg Romney …..

    • SammytheTurtle (13 1/2) helped with the mail-in ballot yesterday and *insisted* that the vote on WA’s gay marriage law be in favour …..

      You’ve every reason to be proud. Raising compassionate, free-thinkers!

  9. David Frum critiques the American voting system:

    “[H]ere’s what doesn’t happen in other democracies: Politicians of one party do not set voting schedules to favor their side and harm the other. Politicians do not move around voting places to gain advantages for themselves or to disadvantage their opponents. In fact, in almost no other country do politicians have any say in the administration of elections at all.

    The United States is an exceptional nation, but it is not always exceptional for good. The American voting system too is an exception: It is the most error-prone, the most susceptible to fraud, the most vulnerable to unfairness and one of the least technologically sophisticated on earth. After the 2000 fiasco, Americans resolved to do better. Isn’t it past time to make good on that resolution?”


  10. Limbaugh: “Moochelle Obama” Is Campaigning With “NBA Players And Others” To Rally “The Base, The Black Vote Base”

    How does he avoid an overdose on Oxy and scotch…??

  11. I took the quiz:

    Jill Stein – 93%
    Barack Obama – 73%
    Rocky Anderson – 73%
    Mitt Romney – 4%
    Idaho voters – 47%
    American voters – 57%

    96% Democrat
    95% Green
    51% Libertarian
    2% Republican

    See? I can reach across the aisle. 😉

    I see the interwebs haven’t caught up with me yet, since it still believes I’m in Idaho. Stealth slacker, that’s me.

  12. I feel much better now. Went to vote at 9 hoping to avoid long lines. This has usually worked very well in the past. I had to wait for half an hour. And the line had almost tripled in length during that time. Whatever the outcome, voters are getting out there if my little librul town is any indication.

  13. QOTD:

    “This is essentially a People’s contest. On the side of the Union, it is a struggle for maintaining in the world, that form, and substance of government, whose leading object is, to elevate the condition of men – to lift artificial weights from all shoulders – to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all – to afford all, an unfettered start, and a fair chance, in the race of life. Yielding to partial, and temporary departures, from necessity, this is the leading object of the government for whose existence we contend,” – Abraham Lincoln, Special Message to the People of the United States, July 4, 1861.

    Real Republicans should vote for Obama today.

  14. From all accounts it seems like a large turnout. Wonder if you will break the 60% turnout barrier not reached since 1968 (Wiki). And $64,000 question is how many votes won’t be counted?

    • Isn’t that pathetic? I’m always amazed at the apathy of Americans. As if no one ever fought and died for this country to exist, our freedom, and our right to vote.

      • In Canada we haven’t been over 70% since 1988. Only 23 countries have had a turnout of over 80% from 1950 – 1995.

        So yes, it is pathetic.

      • I’ve been reading several overseas articles that names this as one of the deep causes of disgust and disdain on Americans – that they are so ill-informed, so apathetic and yet their government affects, interfers with and meddles with a vast majority of the people on the planet in some way…..

        …. its like having to avoid the schoolyard bully who is a little backward, chronically lazy and yet is three times the size of everyone else and prone to random acts of violence and kindness.

  15. I better get my ass in gear. My friend, “Hurricane” Sandy, is taking me out for breakfast, and will probably hold me hostage most of the day if I’m not careful. 😉

    She’s sick of me stressing over this election, and I don’t blame her.

  16. Last night, Wisconsin’s GOP senate candidate Tommy Thompson compared his opponent, Tammy Baldwin, to a deer that his campaign car had killed on the road:
    Thompson joked while talking to workers at the La Crosse steel fabricator that he got a deer even before the season opener. Actually it was one of his campaign cars; he said he was riding in the bus behind it when the crash happened early Sunday near Shawano. “Nobody was hurt,” he said. “It did a lot of damage. I think the deer was named Tammy Baldwin, but I’m not sure.”

    I do so hope Tammy hands him his wrinkly ass for a hat today.

  17. UGH…

    “The latest data show approximately 230,000 [Ohio] absentee ballots that have not been returned, which, if postmarked by today, can arrive as late as ten days after the election. The margin of victory in 2008, a landslide by modern standards that no one expects to see repeated in this election, was 262,224 votes.”

  18. Oh geez…

    In Woodstock, Ga., about 30 miles north of Atlanta, the president of a homeowners’ association sent an e-mail on Sunday informing residents that the entrance gates would be closed 24 hours a day beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday, out of concern over possible civil unrest after the election.

    “I feel it is better to take a position of caution to enhance controlled access to the community until we see what (if any) negative repercussions may occur because of the results of the election,” wrote Bill Stanley, the president of the homeowners’ association at the Cottages of Woodstock, a residential community for people 55 and over.

    The shooting will come from inside.

  19. Just under 700 people voted in my precinct in 2008, when I arrived to vote this morning I stood in a line of about 70 people. Ive voted here for 27 years, the longest line Ive encountered before was about 8 people.
    The precinct son and I are working has 2855 registered voters, 1,000 has voted by noon, this is one of the town precincts that voted majority Obama in 2008. At least in my little corner, turnout looks huge.

    • Similar here, Outstanding. I live a block away from the school that is our district’s polling place. Either there has been a sudden influx of K-6 kids getting cars for their birthday or voting turnout is high. There have been cars parked on the street constantly since poll opening.

  20. Faux (and the parrots who are my right-wing friends on Facebook) are all up in arms because a school/polling place in Philly has a mural of Obama painted on the wall.

    • Imagine that! A picture of the current POTUS on a school wall.
      Quick, look in the classrooms…there may be more pics of former Presidents.

    • Gawd, people are SO fucking stupid AND RACIST.

      Every school I attended had a photo of the current President in the office or lobby. But they weren’t historical firsts like Barack Obama. Your friends must hate history.

  21. Nate Silver has Obama willing Florida by 0.02% …… nope that’s way under the % that Voldemort has already suppressed. Gekko won’t be stopped in Florida, IMO.

  22. Just voted. Moderate lines and no drama. There were about a dozen old white people in a parking lot across the street under a banner that says; “One man, One Woman, One God”. I resisted my urge to yell “and Allah is His prophet”.

  23. All these reports of high turnout sound positive – we all know which party wants more people to vote and which party wants fewer people to vote ….

    • George Romney is turning in his grave as his son Mitt ‘I’m a Car Man’ Romney is comprehensively pantsed by the very industry that financed his career (by which I mean the stock in which he had to sell ‘in hardship’ to get through his college days)

    • Oh yes he is – by not showing up for the first debate, ho opened the door… oh wait I’m an Atheist – never mind, that’s all bullshit – just tax the prick’s church

  24. Faux News is on the case!!! Faux News goes hunting for Black Panthers:

    So let me get this straight – the guy is intimating voters by holding the door open for them?

  25. pretty good stuff!!……..Friday entertainment on Tuesday!

    makes me twitch for a scotch and water!!…..or maybe just a half and half!

  26. My QOTD:

    Scott Brown after being advised to ‘pack your bags, buddy’ by several union members in a voting queue in West Roxbury.

    “”Really guys?” he said. “I’m a 26-year union member and you’re busting my chops?”

    – (Brown is a member of the Screen Actors Guild).

    Sic him Beth, baby.

  27. At least two Catholic churches, which are also polling places, have been forced to take down signs urging voters to support the anti-marriage amendment here in Minnesota. I really don’t understand how these people, who have been hosting elections for years, fail to understand that it is against the law to practice any campaigning within 100 feet of the polls. I suppose it’s possible that they figured that they can campaign in favor of a constitutional amendment as long as they don’t support a particular candidate but I figure it’s more likely they are among those religionists who think they are above the law.

    It’s also raining so it sounds like those camped out as close to polling stations as they can get have been forced indoors.

  28. Took a shower using QZ’s soap, listening to some baroque music, chilling the wine, not reading any of the cynical posts, just relaxing, wondering how long that’ll last… 😉

  29. Did someone (cough) leave something open, that should be closed, the posts have run out the barn door, and are scattered from here to yon…(cough) 🙂

  30. Cool. Time travel!

    I still don’t expect Batscat Bachmann to be defeated but local reports indicate “record turnout” in her district. I am allowing myself to hope that some of the “extra voters” are those who are new to her district do to redistricting and don’t want to be represented by a raving lunatic.

    Today’s polls are also indicating that both state constitutional amendments, anti-marriage and voter suppression, are going to come up short of the 50% needed to pass.

  31. A curiosity. It looks like the local “librul media”, who staunchly refuse to call Batscat Bachmann “crazy” or any variation thereof, has not run any polls on the Bachmann race in two weeks. Have they not conducted polls or are they afraid to run polls indicating Batscat will lose?

  32. No matter what happens in politics I will go to bed full of contentment. I’m just waiting for the excess water in my spaghetti sauce to boil off and I have some fresh mozzarella and Parmesan fresh from the creamery. Washed down with my favorite local ale it can’t help but be a good night.

  33. My, nearly 17 y.o., niece is working a precinct in Santa Cruz:

    It’s alarming how many people were coming in drunk to vote… Especially because it isn’t even 3pm. Don’t drink and vote people.

      • No, but we were later than we usually vote. When we walked in, our next-door neighbor was just getting her ballot. She had her daughter (now 19, we first met her when she was just a little elf, maybe 4 years old.) She was beautiful as a child, and she turned into a beautiful young woman.

        But I digress. Basically, there were more poll-workers than voters. Still the sweet older ladies, one told me that she lived down the street from me. We did not have to show any ID, as always. I refrained from taking a cookie. 🙂

    • MSNBC is projecting Independent Angus King to win in Maine. They show the IND line as “+1”. That just doesn’t really make any sense, or does it and I’m not getting it? (What they should have said, also, was GOP -1.)

  34. Seriously, it’s really bad when a presidential candidate can’t win his own state. Obama needs to win WI as well. 😉

    I’m looking for Paul Ryan to be a 2x loser tonight.

  35. Ahhhhhh! I’ll give the spaghetti an 8.5. The green pepper was just a touch on the bitter side but that should go away before I heat the leftovers tomorrow. Or for a midnight snack.

  36. A real Dem pickup in CT. Chris Murphy is the projected winner over the Lady Wrestler, or whoever she is. I believe this was Turncoat Joe’s former seat. It’s sort of a win back after he left the DNC. Either way, combined with Angus King’s victory in ME, it’s a GOP loss, and the Indy voice replacing Joe is more reliable (I believe.)

      • I know. I inartfully tried to say that an R-seat was lost, and a (I think) more left-leaning Independent than Turncoat Joe took the other “Independent” “seat.” Before, between CT and ME, it was 1 Republican and 1 Independent, now it’s 1 Independent and 1 Democrat.

        • A while ago, Rachel said King was pro-choice and pro-Obamacare, I think, so he certainly won’t be welcome in today’s GOP.

  37. I have just been ordered by my father to come pick him up and drive him home, which gouges about 90 minutes out of what was supposed to be my evening.

    Or not. Now he has the bright idea to take a cab. Which is what I suggested five minutes ago.

      • You know it. Except he didn’t call me back and he’s not answering his cell phone. Which probably, although not positively, means he’s in a cab. He might even call when he gets home. OK, this granola is going in the oven.

    • I feel your pain. I wasted 3 hours driving back and forth to the city and as it turns out the other kids helped Taylor move her stuff and I just had to help her put some stuff away.

  38. Yeeeh, in Florida, it is like 2000. With more than half the precincts reporting it’s 49.6 percent for Obama and 49.6 for Romney.

    I was going to post a humorous column I wrote for an ezine back in November 2000 about Florida, but…

  39. They are really depending a lot on exit polling. It appears that the states that look one sided but aren’t called yet are the ones they didn’t exit-poll.

  40. Unfortunately, John “Cry, Baby, Cry” Boehner will remain Speaker of the House. If for no other reason than the sheer entertainment value of it, can we please see a reaction of Boehner being told the news?

  41. Had to drive into the city to help Taylor move to a different room. Just missed President Obama’s motorcade (both ways) but the kids got to see him before it was dark.

  42. The Confederate states go for the white guy. Coincidence?

    Bill0 is making excuses. Hmmmm. If Sandy gives Obama the win; does that mean it’s God’s will?

    O’REILLY: I did pick up two things. On the exit polling, Hurricane Sandy was prominent in the exit polling. And that is really interesting. Because it just impacted a bunch of Northeast states who would vote for Barack Obama but the country was so locked in on this fierce storm. Americans like storms. And they were — and there was Chris Christie and president Obama walking down the beach, you know, with a little ‘Seth in the Moon Glow’ music behind him and it just wiped the Governor’s campaign off the map. For five days. Five days Mitt Romney disappeared from the national debate and from the media headline.

  43. There a number of local and state issues, plus a mayoral race for me to check on later. It’s likely they’ll call the mayor before I got to bed, because it’s likely to be pretty one-sided.

  44. Hi all,
    just finished work/started Scotch. Will be watching Stewart/Colbert for results. Have tomorrow’s Open Thread scheduled, regardless of the outcome tonight/next two weeks.

    Here’s a toast to friends, to life as we know it, and to The Zoo!


  45. The mood on Kos, counting Florida counties one at a time is becoming optimistic on FL – only 40% of votes in in Miami-Dade…

  46. More demographic, long term problems for the GOP:

    Nate Silver:

    “[E]arly returns show Mr. Obama to win Hispanic-Americans over all by 20 percentage points in Florida, and if he wins that, it’d be larger than the 15-point margin he had in 2008. If Mr. Obama ekes out a win in Florida, this will have a lot to do with it.”

  47. And speaking of numbnuts: from TP’s liveblogging thread, discussing the exit polls, BillO sez: “Hurricane Sandy was prominent in the exit polling. And that is really interesting. Because it just impacted a bunch of Northeast states who would vote for Barack Obama but the country was so locked in on this fierce storm. Americans like storms.”

    Yeah, Bill, who gives a fuck about the northeast states, they’re among that 47% who would vote for Obama anyway. But, “Americans like storms”?

  48. One thing. When Obama is re-elected we can thank all the Republicans who put so much money back into the economy with their poor fiscal ideas about Willard.

  49. Faux is so predictable. I stopped on the channel for a few seconds, and they’re talking about “there may have been illegal votes in Ohio.” What a broken record.

    • Such a shame they didn’t have the same concern the other day when Florida attempted to disenfranchise voters (even the effing GoOPer Governor was in on that trickery).

  50. Rove continues….. Kos is posting ‘Ah buts’ in real time – Columbus and Cleveland are showing larger turnout and larger % to Obama….

  51. Well that’s enough of that – went to refill a seriously alcoholic drink to purge the Fox news experience….. back to reality.

    • Well done, TtT. Well done!
      We applaud your courage and award you this gold medal for surviving slogging through the mire that is fauxsnooze.

  52. Today, I did inside poll watching per request of the Obama camp. and a woman that was somewhere in her ’50’s stated that this was her first time voting so she need some assistance on how to use the machine. Also, there were people that were voting that haven’t voted in over 4 years that came to vote today. When I left the poll at 5:30, we were at a 70% turnout.

  53. NO BANG for his bucks…with the Kaine win in VA., Sheldon Adelson is now 0 for 5 in races his Super PAC heavily financed. If Romney loses, it’ll be 0 for 6.

    • For me, this is more like when the Tide beats Auburn. It’s more about the relief at not having to hear the trash talk for most of the next year.

  54. Taylor is standing outside at the big screen rally for Obama. They only gave out so many tickets for inside McCormick Place but there are a lot of people outside. I’m so proud she’s a liberal.

  55. Andy Borowitz: “BREAKING: Man Who Told Half the Nation to Fuck Themselves Somehow Loses Election #election #election2012 #vote2012”

  56. The Prez has a slight lead in Virginia, with two of the biggest Democratic strong holds still under reported. Hang in there OIMF!

  57. I don’t know if you watched Rove on Fox but it was must-see TV. Try and catch clips on YouTube. It was a total meltdown on live TV.

    • I saw it – it was totally bizarre….. the atmosphere of the grave, Bret Baier in near tears couldn’t look at the camera and Karl scribbling away on his pad and the bimbo strutting her catwalk walk to the ‘decision room’….

      …. seek it out, it was something else.

  58. I’m proud of my state, and extremely tired. Forward friends! If Mitt concedes before you west coasters go to bed please post a picture of Ann’s expression.

  59. I’d like to thank and congratulate the Zoo Critters for their passion, resolve and work in helping the president to re-election.
    Now it’s time to get back to business working on getting the progressive agenda in front of him.

  60. Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, and Nevada all have uncalled Senate races, and all five have the Dem leading.

  61. A New QOTD from TommytheTurtle on the news that Heidi Heitkamp (D) is ahead by 4k votes in North Dakota….

    Terry: There will be a record number of women in the Senate – more than in anytime in history.

    Tommy (aged 11 1/2): What? There’ll be *binders full of women* !!!!!

    • It may take a while for him to hire someone to write it. DC is going wild, pity our President isn’t home to see it. G’nite folks.

    • He was level last time I looked …. big Democratic city votes being counted late.

      Perhaps he can be put on a one way flight to Baghdad to chat about the torture of prisoners allegation.

    • Still three Senate seats the Dems could take, which would make 54 plus two Independents. Heidi Heitkamp up by 5k at 94.4% reporting! Tester is ahead in Montana, but a lot of votes not in. Nevada in a dead heat now.

  62. One network (missed the first part of the message) calling VA for the President.
    Let’s see how it plays in the next few minutes…

  63. Bachmann up by 120 votes with 58% reporting. At the very least she should provide quite a spectacle as she comes unraveled under the strain of the recount. It might even be enough to be her undoing in 2014.

    • Obama probably said: “I’m going on at 1:15 eastern – you have the option to go on and concede before me or you can continue to be the dick that I and now most of America have voted you to be and I’ll do it myself – savvy?”

    • I thought that was pretty amazing. When has a losing candidate ever stood up there without a loving spouse at his (of course) side? Romney, to his credit, didn’t look like a complete asshole up there and even gave lip service to “across the aisle”. Of course, the House Pinheads couldn’t care less what Romeny (oooh, RINO!) says about anything.

      • I really wanted to see Ann’s furious face tonight, and yes, it’s shocking that she let him go out there alone.

        Thank goodness we’ve seen the last of Mitt Romney.

  64. The best thing about this, for me, is that the two states where the most dirty voter suppression happened, Ohio and Florida, didn’t change the outcome.

  65. Ann truly thought they’d win. She’s wearing a hairdo befitting a crown…
    thank the stars that will not happen and she’s not the FLOTUS.

  66. I don’t care who you are, this is funny right here:

    “If Romney won’t concede, Obama can bring an empty chair out on stage with him tonight.”
    — @KagroX via TweetDeck

  67. My RWNJ brother in law, on FB:
    Tonight it’s hard to feel hopeful. But I will continue to follow the Lord and trust in His divine providence. He is my hope and my salvation. Peace be with you all.

    Hint: he’s also certain that the evidence proves the Earth is 3000 years old. The real bitch of this is that his wife is a terrific person. The kids are a little spooky, though.

    • That brought an ear to ear grin! Sore losers are not ‘pretty’.
      The grand thing — no matter how they do the arithmetic no way mittens could pull out a win.

  68. North Dakota Senate
    97.7% Reporting
    D Heidi Heitkamp 50.5% 156,888
    R R. Berg 49.5% 153,936

    Montana Senate
    34.6% Reporting
    D J. Tester (i) 51.8% 111,873
    R D. Rehberg 43.5% 93,969
    L D. Cox 4.7% 10,109

    Nevada Senate
    52.7% Reporting
    R D. Heller (i) 45.7% 431,185
    D S. Berkley 45.0% 424,412
    O D. VanDerBeek 4.8% 45,324
    O None of these 4.5% 42,159

    Looks like 53 Dems 2 Independents, and 45 Obstructionists

    • Thanks for the update, house.
      Will you be getting any sleep before the work day begins?
      Have fun strutting about the rednecks at the shop.

      • I think I can lie down now. Sleep may or may not happen. I would like to be on time.

        There won’t be any repeals of Obamacare or Dodd-Frank for awhile, at least. It’s up to Harry Reid, or whoever is Majority Leader next session, whether or not the filibuster blocks appointments to the judiciary or to government positions.

        86% in, Obama by about a million popular votes.

    • May that lead hold…
      pete, zxbe and IP will be dancing in the streets should Batscat lose…
      well the entire nation would be dancing…

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