Daily Gnuz

How on earth are we supposed to keep up with ALL the dumb ass s**t that the morons occupying the White House are doing?
Nevertheless, here’s the Gnuz, at least some of it…

Report: President Trump himself crafted his son’s misleading Russia statement
h/t Vox
We are at the point where one must ask:
What did D. Trump know, and when did he know it?


Steve Schmidt Goes Off: Scaramucci Revealed ‘Snake Pit’ Of Lying Liars
h/t C&L
Lighten up Steve! They’re just playing the hands they are dealt, emulating the patron that gave them their phony baloney jobs they are unqualified to perform. What else did you expect?


‘I don’t know’: Leaked audio reveals how clueless Kushner is on stagnant Middle East peace plan
h/t Raw Story
And speaking of clueless and unqualified…
Funny that this story was leaked by one of the new crop of interns…Polygraphs, anyone?

Open Thread, enjoy one byte at a thyme
RUCerious @ TPZoo

9 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. I’ve used this example to describe many people and I used to think it was an apt analogy.
    “Thankfully they’re not pilots in command of an aircraft with hundreds of people on board or a drunk captain of an oil tanker”
    Then I was reminded me that these dipshits have the nuclear codes and could start world wide conflagration that would leave us totally screwed beyond comprehension.
    I’ll not be using that example again. Things are worse than I imagined.

  2. Note to self and to those who may be concerned or think that it matters.
    In regard to the upcoming Michigan Senate race, featuring incumbent Debbie Stabenow and a guy named Robert Ritchie.
    Robert Richie is neither a kid, nor does he ‘rock’ any more. (last top 200 billboard ranking was 66th in March 2015 after the Feb 24th release of ‘First Kiss’)

    • That’s weird. I’m quite familiar with the well-known Stabenow, but never heard of “Robert Richie” until a minute ago when I read your comment. Far as “singers” go, I’ve heard of Ted Nugent, but not because I ever heard him “sing.” Has there ever been a “singer” who excelled at politics, or is politics way too cerebral maybe?

  3. Conway ‘on her knees’ (sotospeak) For Drumpf:

    Conway: ‘Bend The Knee’ To Trump Because He’s Your Superior

    Conway continued, “I think it’s very important that people not treat elected officials [like the President and Vice President] as their peers.”

    Reminded me of a tale from long ago. Back in the seventies, the CEO of the company I worked for — an older guy, a New Yorker — told of the time back in the fifties when he was at the NY Athletic Club and one of the ‘guests’ visiting at the time was Winston Churchill. As it happened, he (CEO) got to the men’s room door at the same time as Churchill, and he opened the door and motioned ‘after you, sir.’ Churchill looked him and smiled, then said, “Nonsense. After you. At this point, we are all pee’rs.”

    I assume that was a true story — sounds exactly like something Churchill would have said.

    But I’ll not hold the door to the ladies room for Conway. No way. Never. Yuk.

  4. ‘A human heap of garbage lives there’: Internet appalled after Trump calls the White House ‘a real dump’

    A new profile from golf.com about Donald Trump, Golfer-in-Chief, features the president’s no-holds-barred review of the 200-year old mansion that’s housed every leader of the nation since John Adams.

    “That White House is a real dump,” Trump told a group of members during a recent trip to his New Jersey golf course.

    No surprise there. ‘Trump’ does perfectly rhyme with ‘dump’, after all.

      • No gold chandeliers; crappy view from the bedroom window; black people all over the place — in the dining room even; no way to sneak a contact to ‘my’ Russian bankers without the *uckin* press asking stupid question. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. The RWNJs are trying to claim that the Trump operatives COULDN’T have been colluding with the Russians because Seth Rich was sending the DNC info to Wikileaks. I would propose the Russians compromised Rich, to coerce him into providing the damaging info, to directly help Trump get elected, and then killed Rich to cover their tracks. The Trump operatives would still have been privy to advance knowledge of the leaks, and it appears Trump himself knew they were coming because he alluded to them in a speech in advance of their release.

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