Daily-ish Gnuz

Seems more like a weakly at this point, but here’s the GNUZ

Trump Admin Deals New Blow To Obamacare
Just another hit to the health care consumer’s wallet. Insurers are going to raise rates as they watch the risk pool funding vanish.
And watch the Republicans try to put this on “ObamaCare”. No way. The midterms coming up, hoping voters know what their insurance premiums are going to be for 2019 by November….

MSNBC Panel Erupts in Laughter After ‘TV Lawyer’ Giuliani Claims He Was ‘Probably’ Present During June 2016 Trump Tower Meeting
H/T Alternet
Rudy is Ducking Felusional.

GOP senator warns Trump: Putin, Kim ‘very cold-blooded, calculating’
H/T The Hill
Naw, Putin says he didn’t interfere, so that’s that. And Kim is a jolly fat guy with a funny haircut, no problem.
Trump is over his head with both of these criminal mofos. But his ego won’t let him contemplate it, let alone admit it.

Open Thread, gnash the choppers with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

17 thoughts on “Daily-ish Gnuz

  1. If you missed this one on Raw Story: if you can stand to listen to all 13+ minutes of it (which I could only do because of John Fugelsang’s hypnotic voice), this is what we’re up against. This is trump’s devoted base is like.


    The short version is “I don’t really know anything about politics, or my religion” and it only goes snowballing downhill from that

  2. Trump’s current antics in Europe have forced me to try and come up with a single word that completely summarizes/defines EVERYTHING Trump brings to the table, anywhere and everywhere. So far, I’ve got only one:



    • anwybodaeth, its a Welsh word. I suppose my internet travels of late are having an effect. The translated title of this song is Death to Ignorance.

  3. I was trying to remember the last time I wore long pants and I haven’t determined whether the reason I can’t remember is due to the length of the hot spell or my loss of brain function due to advancing age. I’ve already decided that tomorrow I will wear a bathing suit and perhaps do a rain dance and, if it does rain, I’ll do a dance in the rain.

    • I only wear long pants for work and I’d wear shorts if they let me. I wear shorts everywhere else until it gets cold.
      I need a dance to stop the rain here. It rains too much and one rain leads to another. We had rain this morning, because it rained yesterday.

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