And here’s some upcoming can’t miss television!


Graphic courtesy of our old friend The Republic of Stupidity (TRoS).

This is your open thread for today!  Come up with your own plot lines, or actors who could star as these ugly characters — or whatever you want.  😉

21 thoughts on “And here’s some upcoming can’t miss television!

  1. You’ve set the bar kind of high.
    The best I can come up with is Tooter the Turtle cartoon character for Mitch McConnell.
    Drizzle drazzle drozzle drome. Time for that one to go home.
    Any similarity to the current administration is implied and intentional.

  2. Roy Clarke has died.
    Glen Campbell said, ‘I don’t play Malaguena, and Roy Clarke doesn’t do The William Tell Overture.’
    Here they are together for Ghost Riders in the Sky.

  3. The folks over at DU are locked in a death struggle over whether Nancy Pelosi should be Speaker. I stay out of those arguments because they serve no purpose.
    Generally though, the main reason they always give in her favor is ‘she’s so good at raising money’. Now is that because she’s good at raising money, or is it because she’s likely to be Speaker? Would she raise as much money if she wasn’t going to be Speaker? Who does she get this money from? Aren’t we mainly voting for candidates who won’t take corporate donations?

    Before any election where one or both branches of Congress are likely to change hands, all the ranking members of important committees start getting massive donations, because they will likely be the chairs in the next Congress. It’s just that much more intense with any potential Speaker of the House.

    If her greatest skill really is money raising, she should Chair the DNC. Let Tom Perez step back to deputy chair, since Keith Ellison is moving on to be AG in Minnesota.

    Make Beto O’Rourke the new Speaker, and keep him in the spotlight so he can run for President.

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