Sunday Roast — Get your government hands out of my vagina

RMuse over at PoliticusUSA has written a great post about the Republican/Religious war against women, entitled Republicans Have [Awakened] a Sleeping Giant and She is Furious.*

The true motivation for a war is not always clear in spite of proclamations by a nation or its leaders…

…Over the past couple of weeks, there have been important clues to what the conservative’s endgame is and although contraception, abortion rights, and women’s health issues are at the forefront, it is male dominance that drives the assaults.

There it is, right there.  Male Dominance.  Of course, not all men want to dominate women; I would say that a majority of men don’t want to dominate women, but a bunch of loudmouths in the extreme rightwing of the Republican Party (i.e. all of them) and the ever-present blowhards in the American Taliban-wannabe religious right have declared outright war on the women of this country.  Apparently, we have forgotten our “place” as second class citizens, and they are determined to force us into that position again.

We can’t ignore them and expect them to go away — too many of them are in positions of power, and there’s a lot of money invested the Republican agenda.

The rightwing (I’m not going to use the qualifier “extreme,” since only a few sane Republicans exist anymore), in addition to their decades-long attack on our reproductive rights, now they’re attacking the Girl Scouts.  Cuz why not wage war on female children, as well as female adults?

One Republican from Indiana claimed Girl Scouts “promoted homosexual lifestyles” and although there is no truth to the Planned Parenthood connection or promoting homosexuality, it is stunning that the claims were made in the first place.

Beat ’em down while they’re still young, right?  “Tradition” is all important to these ideological freaks even (and especially, it seems) when it simply doesn’t work.  There might be quite a few women out there who would like to have babies and then stay home to raise them, but in today’s world, unless the spouse or partner has a large income, it simply isn’t possible.  It doesn’t matter how much they beat the old “women should be at home caring for their children” meme, it is not economically possible.  Or desirable in many cases.

Now we have the ridiculous contraception flap.  Again, it’s the control and dominance; keeping women in our place.

The Republicans, especially Ron Paul, like to throw out words like “freedom” and “liberty” in regard to their alleged political philosophy, but they treat these important and valuable words like they mean whatever they need them to mean at the moment.  It doesn’t work that way.

Freedom (noun):  1) The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.  2) Absence of subjugation to foreign domination or despotic government.

Liberty (noun):  1) The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life.  2) An instance of this; a right or privilege, esp. a statutory one.

Hmmm, I don’t see anything in there that says “except for girls.”  Women have the right to act and think as we want without hindrance or restraint.  Wow!  That will be disturbing to the radical religious/Republicans.  Those two definitions reveal Ron Paul, the candidate most fond of throwing those words around, as a fake Libertarian, since he’s against women being in control of our own bodies.  (There are a lot of other problems in Ron Paul World, but that’s another post.)

Certainly there are things in the Christian Bible and other religious books that say something about keeping women under the male thumb, but we don’t live under the authority of the Bible or religious books, no matter how much Rick Santorum (ew) or Newt Gingrich might want it to be so.  I’m leaving out Mitt Romney, since he feels strongly in all directions, depending on his audience, the day, the weather, or something.

We live under the authority of the United States Constitution, thank goodness, a flawed but living document that gives us considerable freedom (even if we’re constantly trying to whittle away those freedoms).  Sure, the Constitution refers to “men,” and when it was first written they really meant only white men.  But the Amendments — the things that make the Constitution a living document — refer to “people.”

Guess what?  The members of the female sex are included in “people,” no matter how much Republicans or the religious right might not like it.  Get over it.  Deal with it, you clueless misogynistic men.  You have picked the wrong fight!  Not just because we out-number you, but because it really is the wrong fight.  You may have trained your wives and daughters into thinking of themselves as “less than” and “subservient to,” and if they really choose to live in that fashion, well okay, I wish them well, but there are simply not enough of them.  You may win some battles by making abortion almost impossible to obtain or defeating the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, but you will not win the war.

There is one thing for certain; it is not just women who are furious at Republicans. The assault on women affects every man with a wife, mother, sister, and daughter and there are few willing to stand by passively while their women are assaulted. In an age where most families require two incomes to survive, it assaults decent men’s senses to think a few members of clergy and Republicans are intent on forcing all woman back into the kitchen giving birth every  ten months. There are conservative women who support the idea that their sole purpose in life is birthing and serving men, but their stupidity is not epidemic in the entire population. Republicans have awoken a sleeping giant and she is furious, driven, educated and certain to put the evangelical male supremacists where they belong; out of power and out of their misery. They are not alone because for every woman who opposes the GOP’s religious war on women, there are sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers eager to exact revenge.

Understand this:  Women don’t want to dominate men; we are demanding our Constitutional right to equal standing.  It’s all there in writing, and we are claiming it.  You keep your nose in your own business (and private parts), and we’ll do the same for you.  It’s as simple as that.  Really, it is.

We are women, and the men who love and respect us; we are strong; we are many; and we are persistent.

*I switched out the word “Awoken” for “Awakened” in RMuse’s title because it works better.  Does that mean I have control issues?  Read the whole article, it’s worth it!

This is our daily open thread — Get your rant on!

133 thoughts on “Sunday Roast — Get your government hands out of my vagina

    • No TV, no commercials. When we first moved into our house, we could not get TV reception without getting cable or satellite and there was no cable service in the area so we did without TV for about 2 years. Then we got a satellite dish and TV was back. After years of watching basically 5 different networks, we realized it wasn’t worth the money to pay for 800 channels that were mostly duplicates of each other so we discontinued the service. If I could get TV reception with an antenna, then we would resume TV watching. My husband can watch the Temple University basketball games via the Internet so he is happy.

      • I have brewed more than enough suds in my life without any help from GE.
        We use gas burners.
        Didn’t see that one, glad I didn’t

  1. Men that truly love women don’t feel threatened by them. Instead, they enjoy, appreciate and respect what women have to offer. You can read anything you want into that statement. On the other hand, women truly love the men that enjoy, appreciate and respect them. We recognize the difference.

  2. Santorum on This Week, said that the decimation of the steel industry in Pennsylvania was a good thing, because the government didn’t bail them out, and ‘the marketplace worked’.

      • I’m sure they wouldn’t. Also, the economic policies leading to that loss of jobs, lost other jobs across the nation in manufacturing.

    • What is wrong with the government bailing out an industry that helped bailout the nation during WWII? The auto industry went from making cars to making tanks and the steel industry went from making automobile frames to making parts for tanks and ships and planes. Our nation desperately needed ships built and the steel industry provided the necessary part. Santorum’s comments and Romney’s comments are unpatriotic. These Republics are so self centered that they don’t have an interest in knowing history.

  3. “Male Dominance”, “War on Women”…. but the Republics claim that this is all about freedom of religion. There are three churches within a 2 miles radius of my home in the sticks and so far, I haven’t seen any government vehicles blocking people access to these churches.

  4. George Will’s weekly lament: “But what really should be alarming Republicans is the collateral damage of this campaign so far. There’s a poll out called the ‘Purple Poll’, of twelve swing states, neither blue, neither red, and that, in those twelve states, his (Romney’s) unfavorables are 57%, and his favorable rating is 27%. He’s being damaged by the damage he’s doing to others.”

  5. One thing I don’t understand in re the ‘Male Dominance’ theme: why do apparently substantial numbers of women seem to support such nonsense? I remember the ERA and Schlafly, e.g., and I believe there were numbers of (R) women in the VA legislature that supported, probably even helped author, the trans-vaginal nonsense.

    I’m thinking it goes back to religious roots, to the biblical bullshit that made Eve the original human nasty person, the fountainhead of sin, all that crap.

  6. More George Will: “Allen West, from South Florida, Republican, said that he was outraged this week because it cost him $70 to fill his car. He drives a Hummer! Newt Gingrich said the American people have a right to demand $2.50 gas. They have a right to demand lobsters grow on trees! This is economic nonsense! (Jennifer Granholm cracked up laughing as he said this.)”

  7. The timing of this new gas price spike is perfect for putting the economy into another recession this summer, just in time to influence the fall elections.

    Remember, the Great Recession was triggered by gas going up to around $5.00/gallon.

    • This is a well worn pattern. The recent spike occurred just before the Presidents Day weekend. What president do you think is going to pop into the head of the average gas guzzler as they fill up before heading out on holiday?
      Not likely Washington or Lincoln.

    • I heard an analysis saying that gas prices would go up by around Independence Day (artificially, as the supply of oil will not be disrupted), but will go down again after Labor Day.

      If the speculators are worrying that Iran might cut off their supply of oil, they should ask themselves this: Why would Iran want to do anything that might increase the chance that someone who actually wants to bomb them would get elected president of the US?

  8. Santorum’s anti-college education remarks are meant to lower expectations of the masses. We should not aspire to college, but accept that low-wage, entry-level-for-life existence as satisfactory.

  9. Santorum repeats the steel industry collapse was a good thing on Meet the Press, even though he claimed that China was dumping cheap steel in the US, and they imposed tariffs which he voted for, that it would have been wrong to bail out the steel industry.

    Then he says it’s better if unemployment compensation is limited to fewer weeks because people on unemployment over a year ‘leads to long term, chronic problems getting back in the workforce’. So, if there are no jobs where they live, cut them off, and the jobs will magically reappear?

    • If we go to war with China, as Santorum said he would like to do, will China still sell us steel? Santorum is an idiot. If a thought travels through his brain, it almost instantly comes out of his mouth. Romney is not much better.

    • No, but they might starve to death and then all we gotta do is get rid of the bodies. Cheaper than giving them food stamps for life, y’see. Hyper-Christers like Sick Rantorum are, well, ‘sick’ in the saddest of ways. It stuns me most of all to realize that a very substantial percentage of the population overall actually BELIEVES all that religious baloney, and worse, at the same time it teaches them to be such accomplished haters of caring and compassion.

  10. Santorum is sponsoring Tony Raines #26 car in today’s Daytona 500. It actually says ‘Rick 2012’ on the hood. He said it’s the perfect car for him to sponsor, because the car starts in the back, will stay there out of trouble until late in the race, wait for the others to crash and burn, then move up at the end and try and win the race.

    That’s actually a race strategy that has worked well at Daytona and Talladega, to avoid the big wrecks early, to be around at the end of the race.

    • In politics would that strategy be related to “leading from behind”? Somehow Sick Rick seems to like the rear position. Hasn’t he said his economic plan is a “bottom up” strategy?

      • He polls ahead of Romney nationally, he just falls behind when Romney carpet-bombs with the negative ads, and outspends him 10-1.

        Oh wait, you were making a butt joke? 😀

        • Philosophically that’s an interesting inquiry since Santorum is a joke with his religious interpretation of life coupled with his own words playing into the theme of the joke definition created for his name.

          His “tunnel” vision make him blind to the real world around him. 🙂

  11. From, Marcus Bachmann’s Gayness:

    “Christianity – The idea that humanity can only be saved from its own depravity through God raping a 12 year old girl and arranging for the resultant rape baby to teach some cool lessons about peace and love before ultimately being nailed to a fucking board by Mel Gibson and left to die the most miserable and excruciating death any of us can envisage. But, your salvation is only conditional on your willingness to go to a special building once a week and metaphorically cannibalize God’s aforementioned rape-kid. How exactly does any of this “save” us from our sins, or make the world any better or different than it would’ve been otherwise? I’m still waiting for a coherent explanation of that, having yet to ever hear anything resembling one. Sounds more to me like a bunch of revolting, nonsensical bullshit.”

  12. Jabba Christie on Face the Nation: “Every kid doesn’t want to go to college, but I think we should aspire to let every child reach his maximum or her maximum potential. And if Senator Santorum’s against that, then I don’t think that makes any sense and I certainly don’t think the President’s a snob for saying that. I think that’s probably over the line.”

  13. If one looks at living organisms, starting from their simplest forms, life began as a self contained organism, male and female were not distinct or separated. They simply divided and multiplied. As organisms evolved and had to deal with a constantly changing planetary environment, sending off little packets of genetic material became a tool for diversifying and adapting. Plants can be an example of this.
    Leaping a couple billion years or so, the animal kingdom has ascended, and social orders have arisen, based on the distinction between two parts, male and female.
    Looking now at Mesopotamia, and the development of agriculture and sedentary civilizations, we see large groups of humans living in close proximity, wallowing in a horde of gods and goddesses (all representing natural forces) which are to thank or blame for whether the wheat grew or the goat died.
    Understandable then that a small group of wandering herdspeople would feel overwhelmed by the concept of so many gods and demons, perhaps more numerous than they themselves; and invent the notion of a single god. In and of itself, this is an advancement, and getting closer to the truth.
    Unfortunately by this time, and in (their) particular circumstances, the need to fight, raid, attack and defend their scraggly turf gave male dominance it’s role, and the single god became male.
    The rest is current events.

  14. If you can stand it, listen to Santorum (ew) speak to his nutty followers. Notice that he’s insidious in his ability to get down into the sheeple’s base fears and insecurities, he tries to get into a charismatic preacher’s rhythm, and he draws out his “S” on the ends of words, as if he’s trying to use the style of MLK Jr.

    • My memory is a little fuzzy on this one but I seem to recall some first amendment issues that may not agree with Ricks ideology.

  15. Why the Oscars are largely irrelevant: The Academy’s 5,765 voting members are nearly 94 percent white and 77 percent male, with a median age of 62.

    And Billy Crystal’s return to hosting is considered “edgy.” I can’t wait for his silent film jokes.

  16. QOTD:

    “This year, the movie and political spheres are in peculiarly felicitous alignment. Whether evaluating Oscar contenders or presidential ones, many of us are asking the same plaintive question — is this really the best we have? — and gripped by the same sense that the selection process somehow winnows out or wards off many better alternatives.” — Frank Bruni, New York Times

    • I have no idea the titles of movies on the Oscar docket, won’t ever hear of any of them till they’re avail. for streaming on Netflix. But last night, the nominated music was on a Denver radio station. It brought as much good listening to the table, I thought, as does a typical Republican debate. Nada, i.o.w.

    • ..(candidates) quick answers about what they believed the public may think incorrectly of them– Rep. Ron Paul thought it was the misconception that he couldn’t win..

  17. What makes me want to throw up is reading the comments on the ABC blog. So many of them say that Sanitorum was right on, liberals distort the meaning of the 1st Amendment, blah blah blah. This even after others have pointed out that Sanitorum lied about JFK’s words and meaning and the entire context of the speech made to the Baptist clergy. Maybe I will go throw up.

  18. Why Doesn’t the Bible Contain Superior Medical Advice?

    James F. McGrath drills his point home:

    “The Bible does not contain superior medical knowledge, or indeed anything that we might consider medical knowledge in the modern sense at all, because it was written before there was any medical knowledge, much less advanced medical knowledge. I ask the question anyway to highlight this point for the benefit of young-earth creationists and others who claim that the Bible contains scientific knowledge more advanced than human beings had achieved in the time these texts were composed. If that were so, we should expect them to include other sorts of more advanced knowledge, such as in the realms of medicine, health, and hygiene. Yet you will look in vain in the pages of the Bible for a recommendation that people cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze and cough.”

    • That’s why it’s, arguably, never been so important to actually be involved in politics even if we think we can’t do much. We need to get involved with local politics. We need to keep commenting on blogs. We need to write letters to the editor. We need to write our representatives. We need to keep hammering the point that the 1st Amendment, in direct contravention of Sick Rantorum, works both ways and that no church has the legal or moral standing to dictate policy.

      • In which only 16 of 51 entrants finished, with Porsche winning their first overall at Lemans. A lone 914-6 GT won the GT class, finishing sixth overall, ahead of a 911 GT in seventh. Porsche rewarded the 914 by canceling the 914-6 line, while the 914-4s were manufactured six more years.

  19. Since the Daytona 500 was postponed due to rain, I can only report on Danica’s Nationwide race yesterday. She started out well, led the first few laps, and stayed in the top ten for over 30 laps, then got separated from Dale Jr. and dropped back. She was trying to pair up with her rookie teammate, Cole Whitt, and he was pushing her, perhaps a little too well. She turned to the inside to avoid the #52 car of Reed Sorenson, and Whitt’s inexperience caused him to turn her sideways and she hit the wall on the 49th lap. Last year, teammates were allowed radio contact, and this year it is banned. Had she been able to tell him to back off, he wouldn’t have hit her at the wrong moment, and would have been OK. She finished 38th, after the car was repaired so she could try to get a few laps at the end and improve her points. I’ll be at work if they run tomorrow, although the forecast doesn’t look promising.

  20. You know what you get sometimes if you’re in a hoarder’s house too long?

    Flea bites. Lots of them.

    I’m really sensitive to bug bites, and I look like I have some horrible disease.

  21. Just read that the Governor of AZ just endorsed RmoneyBags.

    Gotta wonder if there’s a dejavu all over again, that RmoneyBags will pick another female loser governor for Veep ticket.

    • I’ve been getting things done around here today, and fiddling around with the tension and various settings, so I’ll get working with it for real tomorrow. I’ll report on how it goes!

  22. Isn’t there something wrong with politicking from the pulpit? Churches should have no tax exemptions.

    Gingrich takes aim at Obama from the pulpit

    GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich took direct aim at President Barack Obama while campaigning at two Georgia churches Sunday, warning of a “50-year assault” on people of faith from the “secular left.”

    • One: this is the Catholic Church – you know, the embodiment of Christ on Earth, where Priests bugger their alter boys and the higher-ups cover it up for them. Gay? That’s a sin. Pedophelia – that’s forgiven.

      Two, if you want things to get worse – imagine a Santorum presidency – you know – where separation of church and state is not absolute – and he could use the power of the federal government to bring back the good ol’ days — of the Spanish Inquisition!

      • No! I don’t want them to get worse! 😯

        I learned when raising the men that bad behavior usually got worse right before it got better. I’m hoping this crap is the escalation right before things get better — without having to go through a Santorum (ew) presiduncy.

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