The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 1, 2016 – Super Tuesday

We interrupt our regular programs to bring you up to the minute commentary by posters of this blog on the Super Tuesday primary event. As a way of introduction and background, here is a snippet from Raw Story:

Democrat Hillary Clinton aims to build an impregnable lead on “Super Tuesday,” the most consequential day of the presidential nominations calendar, while Republicans struggle to derail their insurgent and controversial front-runner Donald Trump.

With barely 24 hours before the big day, Clinton and Trump are well positioned to secure the lion’s share of the delegate bonanza in the 11 states voting in each party’s primaries.

Trump and Hillary? Let the voters decide.

Follow the money (per NBC News):





18 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 1, 2016 – Super Tuesday

    • It has been said that Trump speaks to a fourth grade level, Hillary speaks at an eighth grade level, Bernie speaks at a twelfth grade level.

  1. And so we march…to another oblivion.
    A choice between a Wall Street insider and a megalomaniacal buffoon.
    Great Scott America, wake the eff UP!

    • “We report *and* we decide (who gets coverage and therefore who to vote for)”

  2. Every time someone mentions his name, a puppy dies.
    Please, stop saying his name.

    • New York is apparently not ‘super’ enough for Super Tuesday. But I can’t vote in the NY Democratic primary anyway because I refuse to register as a Democrat.

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