Sunday Roast: Doctor Who

Last night’s Doctor Who cliff-hanger finale, Let’s Kill Hitler, was awesome, but came with its own twists and turns.  Like DW fans didn’t expect that!

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Sunday Roast: The Story of Doctor Who

Time to bore you with my Doctor Who obsession — again.  🙂  I found this 2003 documentary, and I thought you might enjoy the old cheese factor of the earlier shows, as well as interesting details about regeneration and the evolution of the various bad guys.


Part 1 of 6 (each about 10 minutes long)

Part 2

Part 3

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Sunday Roast: Doctor Who, Father’s Day

Going back a few years (and one Doctor incarnation), the Doctor and Rose go back in time to meet her father who died when she was six months old.  By preventing his death, she creates a paradox and inadvertently releases the Reapers, and leaves the Doctor powerless.

Part 1 of 5 (each about 10 minutes long)

Part 2

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